Horizon Zero Dawn – Dawn of a New Era In Gaming?

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Horizon Zero Dawn, the latest PlayStation exclusive from Guerrilla Games is everything you could ask for from a game. It has a compelling story, a strong character in the form of Aloy (yeah that’s her name folks), stunning visuals and graphics and music so good that you’ll listen to it whole day. Trust me, I wanted to kill myself after finishing it because I had just completed one of the best games so far and was actually sad that it had ended.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set in a distant future where giant robotic creatures known simply as machines (although every type of machine has a name) have taken over the Earth and the remaining humans are divided into different tribes. One such tribe is the Nora tribe, Aloy’s tribe.

taken over earth.jpg
Machines rule the Earth now

Horizon Zero Dawn revolves around Aloy, a motherless child who is cast out at birth and handed over to an outcast named Rost who is tasked with her upbringing.

rost and aloy.jpg
Aloy is handed over to Rost who raises her

As Aloy grows up, she begins to question her past. Who is her mother? Why was she cast out at birth?

Rost is unable to provide Aloy with answers but tells her that there is a way to get all the answers. So Aloy sets out on an epic adventure to unravel mysteries about herself and uncover the truth about the world they live in and about the Old Ones. What happened to the Old Ones? How did the machines come into being?

Aloy begins to question her past

Each and every questioned is answered throughout the game and with each answer you get sucked deeper and deeper into the game. Once you start the game, I bet you won’t put down your controller till your hands can’t bear its weight anymore and you find it impossible to keep your eyes open.

The game is truly a visual treat and runs at 1920 x 1080p (full HD) resolution at a solid 30 fps for the most part even on the native PS4. There are a few fps drops but these are very rare (you won’t find them until you go looking for them) and do not hamper your experience in any way. Given the amount of detail the developers put into this game, the beautiful lush environments and intricate machines, this is quite an achievement. Hats off to Guerrilla Games.

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As for the gameplay and combat, Horizon Zero Dawn excels in this particular field. The combat is smooth and satisfying. Horizon Zero Dawn gives you an array of weapons to choose from ranging from slingshots used to hurl bombs at enemies to ropecasters used to tie down the bitches (machines). You get to choose between 3 different types of bows, each having its own specialty. Oh, that ecstasy of putting arrows in a machine. Let’s not forget the traps and tripcaster, the latter being the real fun. Checkout some awesome gameplay footage in the link below.

Click here to see some awesome gameplay footage

Side quests in Horizon Zero Dawn can be a little boring. Side quests along with horrible facial expressions are the only cons of this otherwise marvelous game.

Last but definitely not the least, the music. Well, there’s not much to say except that it’s simply awesome. It keeps you hooked to the game and brings out your emotions while playing the game. I almost cried while playing the last mission just because the music was so evoking.

The best thing about Horizon Zero Dawn according to me is the character buildup of Aloy. How she evolves from a hapless young girl shunned by the world to a celebrated ferocious warrior who saves the world from imminent destruction. I fell in love with Aloy (literally!! I even dream about kissing her every night) after playing Horizon Zero Dawn and I guarantee that you will too.

character buildup.jpg
From a hapless young girl to a ferocious warrior – love you Aloy

The best $60 I’ve ever spent.

Aloy’s story is worth every penny so do us all a favor, go out and buy Horizon Zero Dawn!

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